Frontiart koenigsegg agera RS car culture scale model

2019/04/16 00:00
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Frontiart koenigsegg agera RS car culture
It's not often that used Koenigseggs come up for sale, especially in the US. This is one of just 25 examples of the Agera RS ever built, wearing an unpainted carbon fiber body and upgraded from the factory with the 1341-hp engine found in the Koenigsegg One:1.
It's for sale right now at Lamborghini Newport Beach in California. You, incredibly wealthy car enthusiast that you are, should buy it.
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The previous owner nicknamed this car “Draken,” after the Swedish fighter jets that were formerly stored at the airfield that’s now home to Koenigsegg’s factory and test track. According to the automaker's website, the car is finished in a clean carbon fiber that includes diamond dust in the middle section of the clear coat. We're not sure these photos do the finish justice. Still, it looks wonderful. 
It seems almost every part of this car is made of carbon fiber. The wings, underbody panels, steering wheel, roof, bumpers, seats, air vents, door sills, and even the wheels are made of the lightweight material. Open the engine bay and you're greeted to a sea of carbon. Upon close inspection, it seems even the custom "Draken" rear license plate is made of carbon fiber. The twin-turbo V8 from the incredibly quick One:1 cranks out 1341 horsepower.
The car is currently listed for sale at Lamborghini Newport Beach in California with just 1681 miles on the clock. Unsurprisingly, a price isn't listed, meaning you'll have to reach out to see how much they're asking. Considering how rare, capable, and desirable these things are, we bet it's not going to be cheap.