Frontiart Model car art culture

2019/04/16 00:00
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Frontiart Model car art culture
 In the spring of 2000, a group of car model enthusiastic fans team up to found Frontier art model co.,ltd.Uphold ”Focus,innovation, the paranoia of perfection and the metamorphosis requirement on details”, ,Frontier art has been forged as a a benchmark enterprise with R&d,design,production and sales integrated for resin car model after years of deep plowing and technology accumunation. The products are famous in the market with its sophisticated production process, exquisite detail, sharp modeling lines and high similarity; and strive to reproduce the charm of the true cars and the beauty of morden technology and mechanics in the small size.
        The cooperative brands involve Koenigsegg、Aston Martin、Mercedes-Benz、McLaren、Acura、Nissan、BMW、W Motor 、Zenvo、Cizeta, etc. The standard scales of products have 1:6、1:8、1:18、1:43、1:87。The company have three brands, respectively they are FrontiArt、AvanStyle and SophiArt。
        Frontier Art is defined as high end collection level and majoring in the full similarity in the highest pricision. The performance of real cars is introduced;the door and the cover could be open,the engine,steering and shock absorbsion system  are replicated.
        AvanStyle belongs to the collection level,majoring in semi-similarity car models with outstanding performance in the high-standard alignment, high-quality surface treatment process,fine meticulous interior decoration and high artistic level and collection value;
SophiArt belong to entry class of models, which is a new result of manufacturing process accumulating several experiment conclusion based on continous innovation of resin model production technology level for years.  It aims to produce more and more attractive model cars with the premise of guaranteed quality and faster and easier manufacturing process, and promote and disseminate the car culture, break the barrier of resin car model with high,cold,and minority feature, and break through this vicious cycle.