koenigsegg 1:18 scale car model agera FE

Koenigsegg Agera FE – Thor and Väder - Koenigsegg
1:18 scale car model FE
You know how the Pagani Zonda just can't go out of production? Well, Christian von Koenigsegg won't play that game with the Agera line. Not only have the last two already left the Ängelholm factory, but the company has announced that the model's replacement will be launched at the Geneva Motor Show next March.
But before we can learn about this all-new Koenigsegg that resembles a Porsche 911 GT1 from the rear, let't enjoy the view of the extreme pair of Final Edition Ageras named Thor and Väder, which will make their public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed next week.
The Final Edition is a series within a series, being part of the three-car Agera Final series announced in 2016. Naturally, both of these very final cars are based on the world's fastest production car, the Agera RS. To celebrate, Koenigsegg also threw in a wide range of no cost (and experimental) upgrades, as well as the 1360-horsepower engine from the One:1.
To be worthy of all that tech, Thor is finished in two-tone clear carbon with diamond-flake in the clearcoat in certain areas. More crucially, its body features a large LeMans-style central fin, to stay pinned in case its owner decides to go for another world speed record run.
The equally dark Väder has a clear carbon finish with even more diamond flakes and some highlights covered in white gold leaf. Its body features two small rear winglets and an enlarged rear spoiler, which is supported by strakes with cutouts.
Both cars incorporate custom-designed front winglets, supported by enlarged front and rear spoilers.
Picking your favorite won't be easy...

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