Warm Congratulations FrontiArt’s Model Car entranced into NASCAR award ceremony

NASCAR racing is one of the most popular car race and the TV ratings were fast raised in the United States. Nowadays, the NASCAR’s TV ratings surpassed than the matches of basketball and baseball. So, Americans often called it “F1” of the United States. More and more Americans are love on this competitive sport and there will be more than 150 million peoples watch this game on site.
In September 19th 2015, a match called Furious7 300 was kicked off from Chicagoland Speedway of America. The racer Kyle Busch driving No. 54 race car Toyota Camry to won the game with high marks 48. At the same time, he got the model car cup imitated the film Furious7’s Supercar W-Motor. And also, he got the first prize $91,612 total.
It is reported that the model car cup was produced from the American most famous trophy company—R. S. OWENS. It complete designed and made by the designer Joseph Petree. The model car W-Motor Lykan Hypersport of the cup was adopted the works from FrontiArt company and the logo of FrontiArt was engraved on the bottom of the model car cup.

FrontiArt create every artwork with the pious attitude and team work, we can won the NASCAR organizing committee’s favor that will be witnesses the high quality and luxurious art of FrontiArt again. 
 FrontiArt coming newest most powerful koenigsegg one1 in 1:6 scale model car engine is the biggest car model of the world, this engine breaks the multi-items of Guinness World recordand it consists of more than 700 components. This model car engine can be comparable with the genuine car and it had panic buying by many more collectors.


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