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Rollis blue figure Berline.Q 1/24 hot classic collectible car toys a combination of classic cute stuff and vintage car

Rollis car toys







50s of last century European town's ethnic group called Rollis, creating a very rich character and personality conflicts strange reversal of the story. We will present the story of the twists and turns but the clever connection in a short collection.

Rollis mainly tells about the issues related to reality, such as parking battlefields, partner temples, revenge driving, etc., through the black humor that adults can accept.

Rollis means  riding, and it is a combination of classic cute stuff and vintage car.

Reinterpreted through the combination of the current figure characters and the old car with the most outstanding design achievements in the history of 1950s.

Berline.Q Profile

--combine vintage car:Inter 175A Berline(France)

Always deadpan, quiet, do not know what he is thinking about;

Instead of talking through the car speakers, according to the rhythm of the horn, siren sound to express the level of meaning;

Although it looks a bit fierce, but after taking off the sunglasses, the exposed buttonhole makes people feel very simple;

Because like drinking, so always roll down the window, the wind running, the nose gets red.



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