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FrontiArt Model Co., LTD was established in the spring of 2010. Adhering to the principles of focus, innovation, and a paranoia for perfection, with strict requirements for fine and exquisite details. After years of deep cultivation and technological accumulation, FrontiArt has been built into an international benchmark enterprise that integrates resin car model design, research and development, production, and sales. The works are renowned in the market for their intricate and exquisite production techniques, components, exquisite details, sharp styling lines, dazzling paint surfaces, and high fidelity; Strive to perfectly reproduce the true car design charm and modern technological mechanical beauty between these dimensions.

The work is made entirely by hand using resin as the raw material. At present, the standard product proportions are 1:6, 1:8, 1:12, 1:18, 1:43 and 1:64



FrontiArt looks forward to better performance. Thank you for your attention.


We have expanded our cooperation space with numerous brands.


We have developed the world's first 1/8 scale Konisek fully enclosed ultra fine car model, successfully expanding into a new market with a large scale and receiving unanimous recognition and favor.


Continue to strengthen cooperation with top supercar Konenigseggg company in car models, further deepen and upgrade production processes, and better showcase automotive art and culture.


Developed 1/18 ratio engine and popular car models such as Pagani, Bentley, Aston Martin, and Mercedes Benz.


Successfully developed Pagani 1/6 engine and 1/18 one 1 fully open, high-precision resin car models.


Successfully developed classic models with 1:18 full open Koenigsegg Regera and 1:18 full open Mercedes Benz 500K


In December, the FrontiArt model car entered the NASCAR Awards as a prize, developing the world's highest precision and highest reduction 1:8 fully open Koenigsegg One: 1 resin model. Create a fairy tale of car models.


In January, FrontiArt participated in the Nuremberg International Toy Exhibition for 5 consecutive years


Sponsored FFF team to participate in Asian GT series events in March


The world's first 1/6 engine, FrontiArt 5th anniversary celebration 1:6 KoenigseggOne: 1 engine resin model as a commemorative prize


After continuous independent research and development, the production process has been comprehensively upgraded.


FrontiArt participates in authorization activities from multiple well-known manufacturers


Developed Aston MartinOne77 fully open and received unanimous recognition and praise from the market.


Successfully developed a 1:18 scale full open model based on the 1:43 full open model, becoming the world's first.


FrontiArt was officially established and pioneered the 1:43 fully open resin car model as a precedent

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Focus, innovation, people-oriented, customer oriented, to create the world's perfect car model.